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Rock climbing at Climbers Rock Burlington

Hey Ladies while we are deciding on the biking I thought we should do something next week! Climbing at Climbers Rock Burlington! You don't need to own any gear you can rent shoes and do some bouldering or rent a harness too and do the top ropes!!!
Katie Knezich and I will be there at 6 and the gym is open until 10:30 so come on by at anytime after 6!

Rock climbing, put simply, is an adventure. Fun and exciting, challenging but accessible, it is an inspiring exercise of the body and mind. Climbing combines the unique excitement of conquering the physical challenge of a vertical plane with the mental stimulation of problem-solving, discipline, and motivation.

For fitness fanatics, climbing is a great alternative to the redundant activities of your average gym, and provides a full-body workout unlike any other. Climbing can help you develop strength, balance, agility, core power, and also build motivation and confidence.

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